Waffle House Is Selling It’s Waffle Mix Online – Here’s Where to Buy

Dozens of Waffle House locations are closed during the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic, but fans don’t have to worry about finding a copycat recipe because the chain is selling bags of waffle mix online.
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How to Make Your Food Last Longer, According to Yacht Chefs

Yacht chefs have been inadvertently prepping for the COVID-19 pandemic throughout their entire careers at sea.  “I keep telling people I’ve been doing this for years,” says Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef Adam Glick. “This is just like another day in the galley, like I’m quarantined on a boat with a lack of new food and supplies.”
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To All the Restaurants I’ve Loved Before

The feeling I have now is one of grief. I experience jags of pointed sadness every time I talk to a chef or read about another closure, but the best way to describe it, from a macro level, is that I feel I’m preemptively mourning the loss of a way of life. Meeting friends for small plates and a glass of wine? Gone. Celebrating a promotion or anniversary with a fancy meal? Not anymore. Happy hours, cook-offs, dinner dates: poof. Especially in big cities where restaurants serve as a necessary third place, the loss is enormous and challenging to comprehend. 
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