Let’s Have Virtual Happy Hours All the Time—Not Just During a Pandemic

The virtual happy hour get-together has rapidly become a popular pressure release during a very stressful time. For many people, the usual social outlets—work, restaurants, hanging with friends, playdates with the kids—have been replaced by long work-from-home hours and then family-at-home in the evenings. So why not do a happy hour version of the old Brady Bunch grid of talking heads?
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World Central Kitchen Feeds Los Angeles Hospital Workers with Food from Local Restaurants

“Feed the Frontline” started with one big meal; now the plan is to serve hundreds of doctors and nurses each day with help from the José Andrés-backed charity and GoFundMe donations.
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American Farms May Face Labor Shortages Due to Migrant Worker Visa Suspensions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The processing of seasonal farmworker visas in Mexico has been suspended, meaning farms may be short-staffed.
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