How Bars and the Drinks Industry Should Change After Coronavirus

Bars are facing a unique existential crisis. Razor-thin margins, exorbitant rents, and underpaid labor are just some of the issues that have plagued the industry for years. But now the upheaval from coronavirus could offer the bar industry a chance to reinvent itself—operationally, technologically, and ethically.  — Read on

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World Central Kitchen Feeds Los Angeles Hospital Workers with Food from Local Restaurants

“Feed the Frontline” started with one big meal; now the plan is to serve hundreds of doctors and nurses each day with help from the José Andrés-backed charity and GoFundMe donations. — Read on

Italian Wine and Cheese Industries Feel Impact of Coronavirus Lockdown

The Italian government has put the entire country on lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, and the wine and cheese industries are already experiencing delays, cancellations, and possible lanbor shortages. — Read on

Mini Brie Sandwiches with Quick Balsamic-Leek Jam Recipe – Alex Guarnaschelli | Food & Wine

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